Tuesday, June 5

Bumbling Mondays!

I don't about you but Monday's are my catch-up days. After the busyness of the weekend and with a whole week stretched out ahead, I try not to schedule too much on a Monday (it doesn't always work out ... but in an ideal world!). It gives me a chance to sort out anything that got put aside over the previous couple of days and get organised with the priorities for the coming week.

The girls seems to appreciate the down-time too. We tend to be out doing things a lot on Saturday's and Sunday's and there are invariably a couple of later nights to bed, so the slower pace that I try to keep for a Monday works well all round. As I'm bumbling around getting things sorted they're bumbling around too, playing and giggling together or getting on in their own little worlds!

While I was washing up earlier, right after lunch, I was reflecting on all I'd got done so far (including the usual); getting breakfast, changing and dressing the girls, putting on the washing, giving the girls snacks, playing, changing again, sorting through stuff for a yard sale, catching up with some important emails that really should have been replied to earlier ... amongst other things! 

As I was clearing the drying rack from the night before and feeling pretty good about all my achievements so far, I noticed that there were three of Naomi's milk bottles clean and dry, ready to be put away. Why was that so significant? We only have three bottles on the go ... and if they were all washed up from the night before ... it would seem that the mummy who felt she was nicely on top of everything at the beginning of the week, had totally omitted to give her daughter her milk this morning ... and my little bubble burst! Apparently she wasn't bothered about it at all, thank goodness!

In an effort to keep up-to-date with things here at the beginning of this week, I also thought I'd give you an update of a few things that I've mentioned over the last few months.
  • There have been more Birthday Cake Creations including Naomi's 1st Birthday 'Hello Kitty' one, in April this year.
  • I haven't completed any more quilting projects yet but am slowly stocking up on materials and ideas ready for when we move on and have less access to the gorgeous things and hopefully I'll have a bit more time too!
  • The teething continues from time to time, Naomi now has 10 teeth ... so we're halfway there! It doesn't get any more pleasant though!
  • The scarf I started knitting for Naomi the week before Christmas is still a work in progress ... he he ... it's almost done and will be great for next winter!
  • I have now tried a PBJ sandwich and actually quite enjoyed it (I surprised even myself!) In an update from that same blog post, Naomi joins the rest of her family in being a Marmite lover ... it was inevitable really!!
  • Reading books continues to be a big thing for all the family too!

Last Friday I made myself a birthday cake. I never actually got round to icing it. So, this afternoon in my attempt to get myself up-to-date with things on a 'Bumbling Monday' and after I'd burst my own bubble, I decided that my first priority would be to ice my cake. Eating it made me feel a little bit better and it tasted delicious even if it was a few days late!!

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