Friday, May 4

Fingers and Thumbs

Since living in America, we've had a chance to get our fingers dirty in the garden ... or should I say 'yard'. In fact, we've been relatively successful too (but more about that in a later blog post!). 

We know people who are very handy in the realm of gardening and until we moved to the States we'd always known them as being 'green fingered'. It seems that when you skip across the Atlantic that translates into having 'green thumbs' instead, which amused me!! (The opposites for both being 'black fingers/thumbs'!)

As soon as Abigail was able get involved, she has been a very enthusiastic gardener and loves to do everything from playing in the dirt with the worms, to planting seeds and watering flowers and veggies! This week we did a gardening project together and she was involved from start to finish and loved every minute of it.

We have two hanging baskets that go up on our front porch in the spring and summer months. A couple of days ago we went to the store where Abigail picked the flowers she wanted. Then she helped clean out last years dead flowers (and the birds nest!!) and added the potting soil. Finally, as in her own words 'it's taking a long time', when it was all prepared we added the flowers, more soil and watered them!

It was a really fun morning and a great learning experience. From judging how many flowers we needed to buy ... which she was rubbish at!!! To learning how to prepare and plant carefully. Using a pattern to place the flowers ... pink, purple, pink, purple ... with a yellow one in the middle. As well as understanding that flowers need food, water and sun to grow. I've already been reminded to check them and water them!

Now our front porch is looking a lot more pretty ... and I've marked off another thing from my to do list while having lots of fun with my biggest munchkin. Definitely a good mornings work!

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