Friday, June 29

Friday Night Fling

About 15 years ago, the thought of a 'Friday Night Fling' would conjure up very different images in my mind than it does today! I did like to enjoy myself ... and I do now, just in different ways!

Tonight I will be out from 6pm til midnight at a Friday Night Fling run by our local quilting store, Mercantile on Main ... see I told you it was a bit different! This will be my second class since moving to the States and most likely my last before we leave. The first was a beginners class to learn the basics. Since then I have completed one other project but have a few more on the go.

It has been fun to learn a new 'local' craft ... and I am totally hooked. I have already been saving up to buy some material and patterns for future projects once we leave here (yes, I know I'm sad!), it's just getting the time. Every mum's dream, a little time to themselves!

There will be at least 20 of us there tonight and the idea of this evening is to get the bulk of a quilt done there and then. I think I may be one of the slower, more novice quilters there but it will nice to have some time off from mummy and family duties and meet some new people at the same time. I'm just not sure if I will be able to keep my eyes open and concentrating that long and that late after sleeping on the sofa last night with the littlest munchkin! Doh!

So many people have signed up that there isn't enough room in the store for us to take the class there, instead we are relocating into a nearby funeral home. For those of you not into the quilting, that makes it a whole lot more interesting doesn't it?!!! Here is a little teaser of some of the material I will be using ... I LOVE it and am really looking forward to the some uninterrupted me-time, making it into something beautiful!

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  1. Such gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see what you make!