Thursday, January 5

Knit Wit

Knitting has made such a comeback over recent years. It's now the up and coming pastime of the most fashionable celebrities ... as well as the faithful old grannies!

A few years ago I read and loved The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Some of my friends have loved it and some weren't so sure but I really enjoyed it. I'm sure there's been talk of making it into a movie ... but I haven't heard anything recently. I do remember sobbing at one point in the book (without adding any spoilers) ... however I was heavily pregnant and hormonal at the time!

I remember as a little girl being taught to knit by both my Nan and Betty, the lady who lives next door to my mum. Now 95, Betty used to knit blanket after blanket to be sent overseas and was very patient with me and my feeble attempts at perfection for such a little person!

The shop where I learnt to quilt here in Coshocton (Mercantile on Main) also runs other classes including knitting. A chance to get together with others, meet new people and learn something new, just like in the book I'd read. So I thought why not take advantage and learn something else when I might be more of a receptive learner than when I was young!

My best friend came and visited us here in Ohio in June 2010. It just happened to be the same time as the knitting classes ... so we signed up together and had lots of fun! We just learnt the basic stitches and a few little techniques and knitted some little swatches to keep for reference.

At the end, the teacher told us that although we hadn't actually made anything, we now had the tools with which to do that and gave us the pattern for some easy baby hats. Always up for a challenge and a chance to use my new found skill, I set-to and knitted some hats ... these are my first attempts, not too bad eh? Worn by babies worldwide!!

Just before Christmas I had a brainwave that I would knit Naomi a scarf ... in anticipation of the freezing cold weather in the first couple of months of the year. There is no picture, as it is still a work in progress but having not done any knitting since before she was born I've been enjoying myself. Now just wishing I had more time to experiment!

Do I aspire to be able to knit like anyone ... honestly ... if I could knit as well as my Dad then I would be pleased with myself! Yes, you read that correctly, MY DAD!!! He is an awesome knitter, unlikely but awesome!

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  1. Maggie loved her hat - thank you again. And I love knitting too - have made lots of clothes for my two and for my nephew - hats, socks, scarves, body warmers, cardigans, jackets.. its addictive!