Friday, June 15

Spelling Bee

It has always intrigued me why spelling competitions in America are called 'Spelling Bees' or that quilters can have a 'Quilting Bee'. Buzz buzz, is what I say! Even after living here for three years, it's still one of those expressions that I have trouble getting used to! 

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it ...
Historically the word bee has been used to describe a get-together where a specific action is being carried out, like a husking bee, a quilting bee, or an apple bee. Its etymology is unclear but possibly derived from the Old English word bēn for prayer.
The Free Dictionary defines a 'bee' as ...
A social gathering where people combine work, competition, and amusement: a quilting bee

Abigail has always shown an interest in letters and words since she was very little! Whether it be saying them, writing them or reading them!! Just after she turned two, she was obsessed with writing her letters over and over again (see below!) So we have various wipe clean options in our house as otherwise we'd be getting through way too many letters books! I even bought one comprehensive work book, cut out all the pages and laminated them all so they're wipe clean and she can do them as many times as she wants to!

Over the last couple of weeks one of her newest favourite pastimes (sometimes I can't keep up with what's the latest thing!!) is spelling out words! With no particular encouragement from us initially she just started asking questions about how things were spelt. Now it becomes a game. We take turns, she asks me one and then I ask her and nine times out of ten, she's spot on, slowly sounding out each word and working out the letters! Initially I was only asking her 3 letter words but now we've progressed to 4 letter ones (yes, ha ha ... only appropriate ones!) and I have to say I'm really surprised at how well she's doing!

Abigail loves the word STOP right now, especially as she can see it on all the street signs. POOP is the one that amuses her the most at the moment ... I can't see that changing for a while either! She get's really excited when she sees the word GOD in something and spots it straight away in a piece of writing, which amuses me! Her favourite word to spell is ABIGAIL ... and if she's signing her name in a card won't let us help her with it anymore with 'No ... I can do it all by myself'!

Is she a nerd? I don't think so!! I'm just loving (and trying to make the most of) all the learning opportunities that are coming our way right now ... which she initiates and thinks is a game and SO MUCH FUN!!

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