Saturday, June 2

The Jubilympics

'The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. Combine the two and you get Jubilympics'
I first heard this expression last week and it made me laugh a lot. Having lived in the States for three years it now sounds very American to me to combine two words like that ... but fun too!

This weekend in the UK there will be a double bank holiday (Monday and Tuesday) and lots of celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne. I was a Jubilee baby, born on the Queens Silver Jubilee, June 2nd 1977 ... but the fact that my birthday falls tomorrow and we currently live in America means that I won't get to enjoy the long weekend my friends at home will.

Although we're in Ohio, in honour of the Jubilee, Abigail and I made Union Jack bunting today, out of Brit napkins someone had sent us and sparkly silver ribbon! (I would have included a photo of it but blogger isn't allowing me to add any for some reason even though I've only used a fraction of my storage space ... very frustrating! If that changes, I will change the photo!) Abigail wanted to put decorations up for my birthday but I told her that we would put some up for the Queen instead which she thought was great idea and then later asked 'Who's the Queen?'!!

Brits aren't often all that patriotic but this summer, I've no doubt that they will be going all out and in many ways I'm sorry we won't be there to join in. One thing on my 'Bucket List' is to go to the Olympic Games ... and to have them being hosted in my home town is a once in the lifetime event which I am really gutted to miss. Yes, I'm excited for all the opportunities we've had as a family to travel etc and do amazing stuff all over the world but I can't help feeling like we've had to sacrifice a little bit of our home culture by living in small town America over the summer of 2012.

If you're a Brit reading this ... enjoy your long weekend. I'll be thinking of you and following some of the Jubilee coverage on the tv and internet instead!

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