About Me

I'm a Brit mummy and an MAF UK missionary, we were living in small-town America for three years but have recently moved to Dodoma, Tanzania (February 2013).

I have a wonderful husband, Mark, who trained at MMS Aviation to become an aircraft engineer so he can fix the small planes for MAF that do both medivacs and fly in aid and volunteers to disaster zones and also fly pastors to remote areas in the developing world, starting here in East Africa.

I also have two little munchkins who take up the majority of my time at the moment, Abigail born in 2008 in the UK and Naomi born in 2011 in the USA.

In my 'spare time' I keep in touch with our supporters, writing to individuals, newsletters, presentations and updating our family blog as we're on faith support, our salary is paid completely from the donations of churches and individuals. 

I love to get crafty and try new things anything from card-making to quilting or have a little time to myself to curl up with a good book and no interruptions!!! Obviously these are sadly at the bottom of the priority list right now which makes me appreciate them all the more! Having a good laugh and some fun ... whether with my family or friends has always been my all-time favourite pastime!

My biggest passion is God and following the pathway he's mapped out for me ... he's given me some amazing adventures so far (already having a few years mission experience, here in Dodoma, before having my own family) and while it hasn't all been plain sailing, He's walked every step with me and promises more excitement to come!

As a mum and as a family we're having loads of new experiences ... with raising munchkins, mission stuff, cultures, language, food and much more. I thought it would be fun to make some kind of record of it for myself and others who are, have or will be going through something similar. 

While I'm aiming to add posts to this blog two or three times a week, ideally Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with two little ones keeping me on my toes and the internet coming and going in Tanzania, I can't guarantee that the posts will always appear ... I hope you understand!