Saturday, February 18

Sandwich Fillers

It seems that there are some universal favourite foods within cultures that if you haven't been brought up with them ... you completely don't understand!! Marmite would have to be one of the most obvious Brit examples!

In the UK there is a definite Marmite divide. You either 'Love it or Hate it' ... their infamous slogan! I definitely know more in the first category and many of my friends who have moved overseas have made Marmite a priority when packing their bags and boxes ... ensuring a never ending supply! 

I do have friends who got married a couple of years ago where she LOVES it and he HATES it!! Awkward! I believe there is a certain kissing rule in their household now ... he will only kiss her after an agreed amount of time has passed after she eats something which includes Marmite. Too funny!

For those of you wondering 'What on earth is this stuff?' (which was the reaction of many of my friends here in small town Ohio) ... it's a yeast extract spread with lots of flavour! People who aren't familiar with it often spread it like chocolate spread ... way too much, even for a Marmite lover like me! While we were at All Nations we loved watching all the International students reactions to it ... the faces that were pulled after their first bites were often hilarious!

Our household is one with a constant supply of Marmite, as so far, we all love it. Naomi has yet to take that first bite but it won't be long. Abigail loves it so much that given the choice she would have it in her sandwich every day! In fact, if you ask her what she would like for lunch her response is always, cheese, ham and marmite! We love it in sandwiches or on toast ... there's even a Marmite recipe book which we own but haven't any recipes from yet!

It got me thinking as to what the equivalent favourite sandwich filler would be here in the States, especially for the little ones. I came to the conclusion that it was PBJ ... which written like that would have totally baffled me before we moved to the States in 2009! Peanut Butter and Jelly (for the English translation ... that last bit is Jam!). Many of the mum's I know here would say this was a regular favourite of their children.

This combination sounds totally inedible to me and certainly not normal! However I will concede that  having tried many new foods so far during my travels and been pleasantly surprised on a regular basis I will hold judgement until I've actually tried this 'local delicacy'! I'm sure if our friends here tried Marmite they would have a similar reaction too!

For now we will stick with what we know and make sure the supplies are kept healthy for the rest of our time in the States ... and then start a new stock pile when we move on from here!


  1. I've never even heard of marmite until now. :) Eric and Ava are big PBJ eaters. Their favorite is strawberry jam (homemade is best!). Lukas has always preferred cheese sandwiches. He used to want one nearly everyday when he was little!

  2. My 8 year old loves marmite and peanut butter sandwiches. I refuse to make them, so he has bread and marmite and bread and peanut butter and has to put it together himself!!! Love marmite but I HATE peanut butter!!!

  3. The Missionary Mum21 February 2012 at 04:29

    He he ... I like Marmite, Peanut Butter and Jam ... but still can't quite get myself to the point of trying a combination of any of them!! ;o)

  4. The Missionary Mum15 March 2012 at 04:21

    OK ... so today ... just under a month after writing this I had a good American friend round for lunch. She tried Marmite and I tried PBJ ... and honestly we both really enjoyed our new gastronomic delights!!