Wednesday, May 9

When it all goes quiet

I've shared before that we're a family of bookworms. At the time that was true of the three eldest members of the family but we weren't sure if Naomi would follow suit, even though she's surrounded by books in our home with regular trips to the library.

Since returning from Florida, Naomi has added climbing up things to her repertoire of achievements, requiring eyes in the back of my head and the temporary removal of several pieces of furniture, including our coffee table. Abigail has a toddler bed, which Naomi now climbs up and onto in a matter of seconds. 

In the last couple of weeks, when the girls are happily playing and I'm getting on with a few bits and bobs in the house, often the giggles become fewer and far between and things go very quiet in the house. I have often heard mum's say that when everything goes quiet that's when children get up to the most mischief ... so to begin with, it was with great trepidation that I stuck my head around the door to the girls bedroom, not sure what I would find.

Thankfully I had no cause for alarm whatsoever (so far!). 9 times out of 10, the photo below shows you what my two little munchkins were up to ...

... sitting side by side on Abigail's bed, quite happily reading together and sharing their books really nicely. Adorable!

I love how they get on so well right now and I'm also really pleased that it seems we have another little bookworm in our midst too. It seems that on some occasions everything ticks along quite perfectly in our house!

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