Wednesday, December 21

All I want for Christmas ...

Ever heard that song 'All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth'?

In our household right now, all we want for Christmas are Naomi's front teeth. Or in fact, any of her teeth!! For the last few weeks sudden fits of rage overcome her and wailing, she grabs her mouth unconsolable until it all calms down again! 

While she has no teeth to show for it ... yet, she's certainly having a much harder time teething than her big sister did. As any parent can sympathise, it's been no fun watching our little one go through it without really being able to do all that much.

Teething sucks for everyone concerned. I've never quite understood why God designed it to be that way! Our babies are so little they don't get what's going on and won't remember either and they can just make it quite miserable for everyone else.

While we wait for Naomi's new arrivals there are a few things we've been doing to help her out! Here in the States there is Orajel to rub on her gums and make them go numb for a bit. Back in the UK we always used teething granules ... no drugs, just homeopathic soothing and calming, giving relief! 

It makes me laugh that they are little sachets of white powder ... which sounds dodgy!! The first few times it was a struggle to convince either girly that they were a good idea. Once Abigail got used to them, the minute she saw the sachets she would smile, giggle and open her mouth wide, ready and waiting. Thankfully Naomi is no different!

We picked up some spare packs when we were last back in the UK and I expect once we get through these they will be on our wishlist when visitors travel out to stay with us!

We look forward to this teething time coming to an end ... but for now we take one day at a time and hope that Father Christmas might bring Naomi some teeth so her gums can have a break for a while!!

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