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I have realised that I am really privileged to have lots of friends who are also "Missionary Mum's". They all have their own inspiring and funny stories, recipes, cultural hiccups, mission commitments, parenting joys and nightmares (and lots more!) to tell. So, starting in September 2012, once a month I'm going to ask a different friend to share something on my blog too!

September 2012 - Eluned Phipps - Being Advocates For Our Kids - I met Eluned and her husband at All Nations in 2006, they are currently serving with CMS in Madrid, Spain with their son Zac, who was born in 2009.

October 2012 - Alison Williams - Expectations - I met Alison when we taught together in Dodoma, 12 years ago. Alison and her husband are just preparing to leave Papua New Guinea where they have been serving with MAF. They have two children, Elizabeth (6) and Matthew (4).

November 2012 - Amy Mozombite - Advice for the Newbie Missionary Mum - I met Amy in March 2009 during our evaluation week at MMS Aviation. Amy and her husband are currently serving with SAM in Bolivia. They have 3 children.

January 2013 - Laurie McClary - Definition of a 'Calling' - I met Laurie in February 2010 in Coshocton, Ohio ... in fact one of the first thing's she did was look after me and Abigail as I had tweaked my back! We became fast friends and now she is one of Naomi's godmother's. She and her husband are currently on staff at MMS Aviation and have grown-up children and grandchildren.

February 2013 - Patricia McKelvey - Seven False Assumptions - I first met Patricia in someone's garage in Ohio several years ago, while we were at a surprise 40th birthday party, when she was visiting the States with her husband. I was excited to talk to her as she was able to give me some news from Dodoma. Little did I know that a couple of years on, she would be my next-door neighbour!

April 2013 - Michaela Zam Suan - Unexpected Culture Shock - I briefly met Michaela in Kenya in 1999, worked with her in Tanzania a year later and now we're both married with children and neither of us living in our home culture. Michaela has two beautiful little girls and another baby on the way!

May 2013 - Anonymous - Transition - I studied at All Nations with this missionary mum but because of the sensitive nature of where she and her family have been working we decided to keep the post anonymous. I can tell you though, in no particular order, that she is a wife, a mother of 3 and a doctor.

June 2013 - Liz Parker - Signing Up For Change - I first met Liz back in November last year (2012). We spent some time with her and her family when we visited Dodoma for a week to help us better prepare for our move here. We have enjoyed getting to know them all better since we moved here.

July 2013 - Kristin Gettle - Are We There Yet? - Kristin's husband and mine did their apprenticeship's together at MMS Aviation and we became fast friends throughout the process. They are currently based in North Carolina in application to JAARS with their three sons.

August 2013 - Ingrid Daff - We Wait - Ingrid is the first missionary mum to share on this blog, that I haven't already met! She is from New Zealand, married to a Brit with two sons. They are just embarking on their first missionary adventure ... but it's taking a little longer than expected!

September 2013 - Jean Boyd - Going Home - A couple of years ago Jean returned (with her family) to life at 'home' after 11 years as a missionary mum. I first met them all, when they were just starting on their MAF journey right here in Dodoma all those years ago ... I was the form teacher of their middle son!

October 2013 - Rachel Morgan - The "Long-Term" Missionaries - I first met Rachel when we visited Dodoma as a family in November 2012. Since moving here we have become good friends and she often pops in to say hello during her work day, as her office is right next door to our house!

November 2013 - Sarah Newnham - The Best Thing - Sarah and her husband went through the MMS/MAF programme like us but several years ahead. We met them when they visited Ohio while we were living there. They continue to serve with MAF in Uganda and have 3 children.

December 2013 - Rena Jarboe - What do you need? - Rena and her husband live in Ohio and we met them and got to know them through MMS, while my husband was studying there. She has been a missionary kid, a missionary mum and a missionary grandma!

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