Saturday, December 31

Party Poopers!

Tomorrow night is the last of 2011 and the following morning is not only a new day but a new year. 

I've just been reminiscing about a few of the highlights of this last year and looking forward to the adventures that will be coming in the next in our family blog. It's amazing how much we can fit into a short space of time ... and how quickly it passes.

While we don't celebrate the end of most days or welcome in the beginning of the next in quite the same fashion ... New Years Eve, from one year to the next, is a definite party waiting to happen.

When I was little, it was really exciting when I was allowed to stay up 'late' and see in the New Year with family. Then it became a night to party with friends. I've even welcomed in a couple new years on the beach, one in the Maldives on my honeymoon and then the following year wrapped in hats and scarves on the beach in the UK.

One thing I could never understand were those people (particularly parents) who didn't think it was so important to stay up and watch the clock strike midnight on that particular night of the year. After all why couldn't they make the effort at just once.

Now I'm a mummy myself ... let's just say the penny's dropped!! Now I'm thinking why on earth would I struggle to keep my eyes open for longer than they can physically stay there or forfeit an extra hour or two of sleep any night of the week, New Year or not!! It will still be January 1st at 8am in the following morning, I can give out hugs and kisses just as effectively then!

To me, welcoming in the New Year is synonymous with hearing Big Ben chiming in London. I have to admit the last couple of years we've celebrated New Year exactly when the bell has tolled ... which lucky for us has been at 7pm in the time zone we've been in! Obviously that doesn't work quite as well anywhere east of the UK, as you end up staying up a few hours later ... which I did when I welcomed in the millennium in Tanzania at 2am!

I realise that in a few years time the circle of life will complete it's revolution and our girls will be really excited to be allowed to stay up until midnight. Until then I'll wish you all the best in your celebrations ... but I'm going to be tucked up in bed far away in Lala Land when 2012 arrives in Ohio. I will of course be celebrating with friends at 7pm though! See you next year!

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