Friday, December 9

Daddy's Girls

Why is it so cool to be a Daddy's girl and totally not cool to be a Mummy's boy? Something I've never been able to work out ... but given that I have two daughters, not currently an issue in our house!

It seems that having little girls brings out the protective side in all parents ... especially the Dads (and rightly so ... our children are super precious and a gift for us to look after!). I know that some of my husbands 'mates' from childhood have all had little girls in that last 5 years or so. There have been lots of fun discussions about how when the girls get a bit older and head out with friends and more specifically with boys, that Mark & his friends would make an incredibly intimidating interview panel for any unsuspecting young man that comes their way! 

In fact, there has even been talk of purchasing shot guns!! Since living here in small town America, talk of purchasing a gun is really not as shocking an idea at all ... everyone has at least one at home ... it's totally a culture thing. It really wouldn't have the same impact for a young man out here if Mark suggested he was off to get one to protect his daughters. It would probably be assumed that he already had several and the young man in question will probably have grown up with them anyway!!

I had a chuckle to myself a couple of weeks ago, when I read some of President Obama's 2011 Holiday Letter and he talks about his own girls ...
'I'm also incredibly proud of the way the girls have handled the pressures that come with living in the White House. Whether it's their schoolwork, playing basketball, tennis and soccer, or just hanging out with friends, they're able to do all things kids their age normally do. It's hard to believe Malia's already a teenager. The first time I saw her dressed up to go to a Bat Mitzvah party, all I would think about was how happy I was that she'd be accompanied by large men with guns.'
It seems that protecting our precious girlies is universal ... just a shame that some of us don't have the 'large men with guns' option!!!

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