Wednesday, December 14

The Christmas Fairy

The build up to Christmas this year is really the first time that Abigail has really understood all that is going on. Last year she thought things were fun and different but this year she gets the whole decorations, Father Christmas and Baby Jesus thing and is loving the daily countdown. Only 11 more sleeps to go!

It has been really fun to share the nativity story with her this year and for her to understand a bit more about who Mary and Joseph are and that Jesus came to earth as a baby (all the more understandable having had our own little baby earlier this year too!). We found a great sticker story book last year, The Very First Christmas by Juliet David, which we saved until she could appreciate it ... which is now! A couple of times a week during December we have been reading one of the stories together and have had fun sticking the stickers too.

Abigail has been really excited to read it each time, there is plenty of repetition in the book, in order to include lots of stickers for the main characters and this has helped reinforce both the different characters and parts of the story. And of course we keep rereading it all over and over again as she loves books!

It has amused me a lot that Abigail renamed Joseph, Jove-ess for our story but even more amusing than that, she is totally adamant that Mary, Joseph and the shepherds were told about the baby Jesus by a fairy!! Not quite sure what the angel Gabriel would have thought about it but for this year, in the Beckwith household at least, the Good News that a Saviour was born in Bethlehem was brought to mankind by a very angelic fairy!

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  1. we have this book too and in fact have just been doing one of the stories together while maggie sleeps!