Tuesday, December 20

Hitting the Bottle

Naomi will be 8 months old this week ... time really does fly by! As I did with Abigail, I made the decision to nurse her for the first 6 months and then reclaim my body back again!

First time round it was all really straight forward ... in fact so much was textbook with Abigail that we knew we'd have our work cut out for us if we had any more children. From the pregnancy onwards almost everything has been different second time around! 

Convincing Naomi that should would like to drink milk from a bottle, whether mine or formula, has definitely been a battle of the wills. Initially she seemed to be doing quite well but with having lots of visitors I didn't take time to pursue it. BIG mistake!!

I tried to reintroduce the bottle from time to time but not very enthusiastically, so when she was about five and half months old she was SO not interested and could not be convinced at all. When we were in the UK I was too sick to even produce much milk so I felt sure she'd take up the offer of something better. But no!

Unfortunately with every feed since she was born I've had some weird hormone stuff going on, so they haven't been particularly pleasant for me. I was really looking forward to giving it all up so was a little disappointed that Naomi was having none of it! Abigail never had a problem with a bottle or switching to formula ... in fact I was a little bit insulted that she didn't seem to notice!

These last two weeks I have been a 'mummy-on-a-different-kind-of-mission' ... one of my Christmas wishes was to regain my freedom and 'hand-over' to the bottle. As we reach the 8 month mark I wanted to have it sorted once and for all.

It fills me with the deepest joy inside to report that in the last few days Naomi has not only accepted the bottle but takes it and feeds it herself ... we're already up to half the feeds with formula and it makes me want to dance. 

No two munchkins are alike ... and being a mummy (or a daddy) requires perseverance often beyond what we ever think we're going to manage ... but we do!! Some battles are worth fighting ... and this was definitely one of those!

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