Thursday, December 29

The Chair with Special Powers

In our house there is a chair with special powers ... it never fails to deliver either! You may well be wondering what this chair and it's power is!

When Abigail was little we were recommended a Fisher Price Booster Seat for when we were out visiting friends. It was so useful that after we'd moved to America we even got one for us to use both in the States and in England. It is really sturdy, folds down to travel and fits any chair.

We love it so much that for Naomi we've used it in place of a high chair and have found that when we do put her in a usual high chair they have been a lot less supportive. I may be sounding like an advert for it ... but we honestly have no complaints whatsoever and if you're a travelling mum with little ones you'd be crazy not to have one with you!

You can imagine our surprise as a family when we discovered that since Naomi has been using it, it can do things that aren't listed on the box!! 

We always sit together for our evening meals and Naomi has been joining us in her chair and usually sits and plays and jabbers away with us! Without fail, just after we have sat down and put the food on the table and taken one or two mouthfuls, Naomi will very noisily fill her nappy ... usually several times. When we ate Christmas dinner with friends it happened three times within the first 10 minutes of the meal ... a special occasion calls for extra measures obviously!

We have tried reasoning with her that it is a chair for food and mealtimes and not a potty ... but at 8 months old she already has no interest in paying attention to the advice that we have to give! For now either myself or Mark will enjoy a lukewarm meal after cleaning her up and we wait to see how long this little routine will continue. 

One bonus later on may be that potty training could be a doddle ... if she can go 'on demand' already!!

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