Tuesday, November 20

Pringles ... Who knew?

Sorry for the blip in entries last week ... the recovery from our trip was my first priority!

It seems a little bit unreal that our look-see visit to Tanzania is already done and dusted. Given that there were 7 days of travel for a 6 day stay ... it was a huge undertaking and required a lot of planning and now unbelievably it's all over!

The munchkins did amazingly well considering the number of days, hours and minutes we spent getting to and from Dodoma, Tanzania. Four flights to get there over four days, including two night flights ... the second of which the girls decided they wanted to stay awake for. Three days to get home, starting with a day on a bus followed by three flights.

Now that long journey's are becoming more normal and regular for us, the preparations are becoming more straight forward too. We know what does and doesn't work, we know what to look for, what to include in the girl's goody bags and what kind of snacks to stock up on. 

We tend to over compensate for every eventuality, so that we have access to a well maintained stockpile to both keep the girl's happy and make the journeys as seamless as possible! My preference in this kind of situation is to be as prepared as possible!

Arriving back home, we had multiple presents and snacks leftover ... which will be tucked away for the next trip. Both girls had a blast (for the most part) and loved the whole adventure. But ... do you know what? A lot of the time they didn't even need the extra bits and pieces we'd packed to amuse them. 

One thing that seemed to be the biggest hit ... and very simple and easy to come by and stock up with at every stop we made ... was a tube of Pringles. Yes really!! It must have seemed to the girls that our tube was never ending as it kept magically becoming full again! If I'd realised just how popular they were going to be, I may have left some of the other stuff behind. I'm just glad we found the key to keeping them happy for this trip ... no doubt it will be something else for the next one though!

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  1. nothing beats a can of pringles. I like the sour cream light....can sit down and eat the whole can. Zach does the same thing too. lol