Thursday, November 29

Packing Up

Our house right now is just a total mess of piles, half packed boxes, lists ... all of things to sell, things to get rid of, things to ship, things to travel with us and a whole lot more.

We're sorting out shipping companies, sorting out schedules for when we're home in the UK, trying to look ahead to things that we need lined up for when we arrive in Tanzania, as well as the day to day stuff and having some fun with our girlies so they're not totally disorientated with everything that is going on!

For someone who likes an element of order in her house, it is getting a little frustrating already and there are still a couple of weeks left. Sometimes it all seems a little overwhelming, sometimes it doesn't! That changes from day-to-day, or hour-to-hour ... even minute-to-minute!

I know it will all be over in just a few months time ... when we're settled again in Dodoma. But to be honest those few months seem like they will last forever when you look at them from my standpoint right now! Thankfully, as with all the changes that have been going on, we have been working through it all one step at a time and so far it hasn't been overly stressful!

There have been also been little high points for me in the process too ... successful sales of stuff we don't want anymore to friends and on various Facebook pages, collecting together things for crafty projects for me, presents for the girls next birthdays (yes, we're having to look that far ahead!), random items to make our new house a home so that we will be able to settle into it quickly at the other end and much more.

Here are a couple of fabrics I've bought to decorate different rooms in our new home. I have to admit I'm excited to get there, unpack my sewing machine and get started on them ... but even writing that, I'm aware at how middle-aged and missionary-like I'm sounding already! Oh well ... Ho Hum ... in the midst of all this right now, see if I care!

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