Wednesday, November 21


When I was first pregnant with Abigail, we didn't want to refer to the bump as 'baby' or 'bump' but to give the little person growing inside of me a name. So, until she made her grand entrance into the world, she was known as 'Monkey' ... and has been numerous times since, if the truth be known!

When she was very small we had put a few soft toys in her cot and let her pick a favourite ... and she picked one which was a monkey (no, they weren't all monkeys!!). It has been her prized possession ever since and literally goes EVERYWHERE ... even now! (He was enjoying a rest at the play park in the photo below).

Once she had made her choice, we endeavoured to find a second identical monkey ... just in case the worst should happen to 'Monkey One'. However we had bought him on clearance as an end of the line toy and nowhere on amazon or ebay or on the internet anywhere, have we been able to find another one. We've even contacted the company who manufactured him, several times, but they have never responded to our messages (you can tell it's a Brit company and not a US one from the lack of customer service!).

We have had several 'heart sinking, stomach flopping moments' in the last four years when we thought we had lost Monkey or left him behind somewhere but actually he has faired pretty well. He did get defaced in a moment of madness once and he does travel on his own passport now too (which unbelievably we've managed to convince at least 3 international immigration officers to stamp for us!!) but he has always stuck like glue to his owner who dotes on him constantly! Yesterday we spent a good hour hunting him down in the house. We knew he was here somewhere but as Abigail conceded after we found him, 'He is getting very good at playing hide and seek'!!!

Naomi on the flip-side has no favourite toy. Which can be a blessing and a curse. There is nothing to loose (or remember to take) but then there is nothing that can comfort her or for her to snuggle up with when she needs it either ... she usually wants one of us, which isn't always so convenient. Monkey on the other hand is now and will definitely always be the fifth member of our family!

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