Friday, November 9

All about the Planes?

While we've had the chance to see the MAF hangar this week, we had a tour as a family and Mark has spent a couple of mornings in their familiarising himself with everything and everyone, this week has been more about getting to know what life will be like for us as family. The climate, the routines, finding out was is available, helping the girls transition and so much more.

There has been so much to take in, new people to meet, information to gather, places to go and it all began with 5 nights of very little sleep thanks to travel and jet-lag. Even though as an adult I understand what's going on and why we're here, plus the fact that I've lived in Dodoma before ... it's still a lot to take in.

I can't imagine what is going on in Abigail and Naomi's heads right now. They both seem to be taking it all in their stride and most days Abigail has said something like 'I like living in Africa', 'I love Africa', 'I don't want to go home, I want to stay in Africa', which is really encouraging!

There have been times when their behaviour has been a little more cranky than normal though, which has been completely understandable. The challenge has been not pushing them too much and finding the balance as a parent as to what is still acceptable or not under the circumstances. They haven't been all that bad but when we're all really tired, finding the patience to be understanding in every situation has been tough!

I know it will be different once we've moved here permanently and are much more settled but in their cranky moments ... February seems like a long way away!! At the same time it's been exciting to see how easily they have adjusted to most elements of life here and have been having a lot of fun in the process! It will make preparing to move here so much easier knowing that it is somewhere they enjoy being!

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