Wednesday, October 26

Goody Bag

Travelling with little people always has it's challenges. 

One of those being the other passengers. Before having my girls, I had travelled quite a bit internationally and enjoyed the flying ... a little time to shut off, read, watch movies, snooze, get excited about the adventure the plane was taking me too or reflecting on the happy memories I had just made on my trip. I'd always watch my fellow passengers boarding the flights ... not on the look out for a 'storybook' drop dead gorgeous hunk who would sit next to me and make the flight a lot more interesting ... but to check that I had successfully avoided sitting near anyone travelling with little people who had the potential to disturb my little piece of me-time during the flight!

Now the shoe is on the other foot as I have two gorgeous girls of my own. Boarding planes more recently I can recognise that look in our fellow passengers ... the one that says 'please don't sit near me, please don't sit near me'!! I recognise it because it's the one that countless times in the past has probably been so obvious on my own face!

As missionaries working overseas (or for anyone who travels a lot) getting your whole family from one side of the world to the other can be quite the adventure in itself. One of our classes at All Nations was called 'Families in Mission' and was full of helpful practical tips for moving and adjusting your family, taught by someone who had been brought up in a missionary family herself. For long journey's she recommended having goody bag with a few little presents that could be strategically handed out and unwrapped throughout the journey ... so that your kids can remain happy and excited but also occupied with whatever it is they unwrap! (Think colouring book, stickers, new book to read, card games, finger puppets etc)

Last year when we travelled back to the UK we did a search for top tips for travel gifts and activities on Google. For this years travel (which begins today!), we have been keeping our eyes open for little fun things and activities that only cost a few dollars each but that we know Abigail will enjoy. She loves the whole adventure of travelling, so hopefully these goodies will keep us and all our fellow passengers a little bit saner in the process. 

Naomi has never experienced this type of travel yet ... so we wait to see what happens there!

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