Friday, November 2

Planning ahead!

So, today is a BIG day in our household!

We are on our way to visit what will be our new home, Dodoma, Tanzania and while it is very exciting to get the opportunity to go ... it has been a mammoth undertaking.

From securing the finances to the detailed planning and packing beforehand. The preparation has been huge ... but now that the bags are packed there is an even bigger task ahead of us. Travelling for 3 days, across 3 time zones, on 4 aeroplanes with our two little munchkins! (Insert sharp intake of breath here!) I am a little apprehensive about that part although the girls have always been good so far!

Yesterday we were pottering around getting everything together and having quite a leisurely time packing. A little surreal in our family ... packing is one of our least favourite things to do in the whole world and one of the only times that Mark and I tend to get a bit short with each other! Not ideal given the amount of packing and moving and travelling we have already had to do and will continue to do in the future! Given that this is our biggest trip ever as a family, I had expected it to be quite stressful so was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience!

I made lists of lists a week ago, in order for everything to be accounted for in advance. We worked out the final things we needed to buy and set aside time to do that without leaving it til the last minute. We started separating out everything we needed to take days in advance, so it was all ready. Then yesterday afternoon, I played with the girls while Mark worked his magic with the cases.

In all the travelling I've done around the world, I have never been quite so methodical about what I needed to pack ... ever! (I have also never done such a big trip with a family of four either.) It most certainly paid off though and made it a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

Now we just have the journey to deal with ... and the excitement of a trip to Africa!

(While I hope to be able to continue posting as normal while we're away, with so many unknown variables at this point, I can't promise anything ... just watch this space!)

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