Monday, November 5

Jet Lag

It is 2.30am and both my girlies are WIDE awake and busy! About 17 hours ago we touched down in Tanzania!

The journey was OK ... the munchkins did pretty well considering! The first two flight they were brill! We went through security in London and had lunch with my mum and Mark's parents which broke up the journey a little and gave us a couple of extra pairs of hands to amuse the girls. 

The second night flight was a lot harder ... because we were so tired too! Of the nine and half hours we were on the plane, Naomi fought sleep for the first six and Abigail the first eight!! Bodyclocks gone haywire and I'm not surprised, mine was feeling a little loopy and I understood everything that's going on!

Now I have no idea what time my body think's it is but the girls bodies most certainly don't believe it's the middle of the night! I've never had to cope with jet lag like this before after 48 hours travel with little ones in tow. It's certainly interesting and frustrating and confusing and a whole load of other emotions all rolled into one.

We had a snooze this morning and then fought to keep the girls (and ourselves) awake in the afternoon. We walked around the compound where we are staying for the night ... checking out the mango trees and the girls were hugging the palm trees (Abigail was SO excited to see they were in Africa after falling in love with them when we were in Florida!) and trying to have some outside time in an effort to get sunlight and adjusted but right now it seems that it was all in vain!

In less than two hours time we have to get up to go to the airport for our final MAF flight to Dodoma ... so I'm guessing that there is no point in trying anything too drastic to adjust now and just roll with punches tomorrow!

The irony is that by the time they are properly settled, it will most likely be when we begin our return journey home in a weeks time! I'm just grateful that when we next arrive in Tanzania we will only have to adjust from UK time and not US time, a lot less hours to cope with and then a lot longer to adjust to it too ... as we'll be staying!

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