Wednesday, May 2

Where in the world?

We are officially one step closer to the next step on our adventure as a family. MAF have formally offered us a placement now for our time after Ohio but realistically there are four very different possibilities of where our next home will be. It is a really exciting time for us but also one with very important things to consider!

When I first got involved in mission that was longer than a month or two, 13 years ago, I was single and not long out of university. With no husband or children to consider, a very wise advisor said to me, 'It's only for a year or two, so if it's the wrong thing, it won't last forever ... God can use you wherever you are, just be willing'. That decision was relatively easy. This time round there seems a lot more to take into account.

When considering which mission organisation we would apply to as a family a few years ago, MAF was the obvious option but we felt it was important to look at other possibilities too. It seems that God had it all figured out and that we were trying to over complicate things. The 'easy' option can be the right one!! So here we are at another big crossroads in our mission story. Will we take the 'easy' straight forward option? Or will God make somewhere different obvious to us?

All four places have their own enticements ... and their not so nice bits. From small populations to big cities. We know people who have lived and are living in each location too. Here they all are below, including a Wikipedia link to each with a bit more information. Join with us in working out this next step and watch this space over the coming weeks!

Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea                     Gove, Australia

Kampala, Uganda                         Dodoma, Tanzania

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  1. Will be praying as y'all make your decision! If you end up in Kampala, please contact me and I'll try to help you as best I can. I'm here in Kampala until October of this year, and Lord willing, I'll be back here sometime in 2013 for at least a year or two.