Monday, October 17

A Family of Bookworms

I love books, reading them, browsing through them, spending time in bookstores and libraries, having them lined up nicely on our bookshelves at home ... just everything about them. While we own a Kindle and love it ... nothing beats curling up with a real book and getting lost in its contents! (Can I also take this opportunity to say how utterly gutted I am that my favourite store ever, is no longer ... RIP Borders you were my perfect combination, books, Starbucks and Paperchase Stationary, you will be missed!)

A couple of years ago while packing up our possessions for the first of many international moves we realised that we own a lot of books (my husband is as bad as I am!). One big sacrifice for us being missionaries was going through and culling a large proportion of them and either giving them away or selling them on Amazon. Even so we still travelled with a large number of books ... and have added to our collection, especially in the children's  selection.

As you can see we already have one little bookworm in the making ... Abigail LOVES her books and will often fall asleep in bed while reading them. She seems very eager to include her little sister and share her love of reading with Naomi too, which is lovely to watch!

As our budget is much more limited now (and books here in the States seems to be a lot more expensive than back home!), I have been making the most of the local library to feed my book obsession. Even though the library is not huge by any means ... it is really easy to order in books from other libraries. Being allowed up to 100 books at a time, for 4 weeks each is a real treat ... however in the two years we've lived here I don't think I've exceeded 20 at any one time!

Back in the UK, going to the library was becoming less and less of a possibility. Local libraries have been closing down and mobile libraries reducing their visits. (At one point there was a two hour window once a fortnight when the mobile one would park up ... and even that's been cut now!). You then needed to visit the more central libraries and the parking was a nightmare and too expensive ... so sadly, not an option, at least where we were anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I read about another mum's visit to the library in the Blonde Mom Blog ... it really made me chuckle and is definitely worth a quick read. The irony for me was, climbing in to bed the very night that I read it, I realised I too was reading a large print book from the library ... and I could already hear the internal monologue in my head! Check out the link and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

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