Monday, May 7

Saturday Breakfast

After a totally crazy couple of weeks, we set aside this weekend as family time ... over and above anything else. It did mean I missed out on a ladies conference but as much as I would loved to have been there, I was exactly where I was meant to be, with my three favourite people.

Although our 'to do' list is never-ending. Do you find that? As soon as one thing gets crossed off, there is a momentary sense of achievement before another two get added! We picked out just a handful of things that needed doing and resolved to have fun while doing those, as well as making sure to enjoy 'silly time' together too.

Soon after Naomi was born, most weeks, Saturday breakfasts became a little treat for us. Mark and Abigail would jump into the car and go down to our local Tim Hortons to get croissants for us all to enjoy (buy them anywhere else within a 40 mile radius and they taste pretty rubbish!).

After a couple of months, it became a regular addition to the calendar in the Beckwith household, unless we were going out for the day. The staff at the store recognised Mark each week and noticed there weren't always as many croissants as we wanted ready to go. As he and Abigail were getting back into the car one time, Matt, one of the baking staff came running out with a business card and told Mark to call up about half an hour before coming down and they would put new croissants in the oven for us so that we could have them hot and freshly baked each time! 

Talk about service ... one of the upside's of living in small town America and yet something that continues to surprise me! Now Mark just phone's after we get up on a Saturday morning and the conversation we hear from this end is ... 'Hi Matt, it's Mark here ... Can I get our usual order? ... See you in about half an hour. Cheers!' Simple as that!

Having been away in Florida and then had two really busy weekends, it's been a couple of months since we've had our Saturday morning treat. Abigail's been asking for them most mornings this week ... so she was really excited when I told her it was Saturday and yes, we could have them for breakfast today!! It was a great way to start our family weekend, which was a lot more chilled out for the first time in a long while! Thank you Tim Hortons, Coshocton, we love you!

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