Saturday, April 21

Whirlwind Week

On Monday evening we arrived safely home after a really good time away in Florida, with Mark working and the girls exploring a new part of the States. The next morning, we hit the ground running and haven't stopped.

After quite a relaxing few weeks, we've certainly made up for it now and have been racing around with a never ending list of things we have to do ... Florida was most definitely the calm before the storm. I'm definitely missing our time there already!

Life's just like that sometimes, however organised and prepared you can be, flexibility has to be the key in the moment. Everyone has days/weeks/months like that whether you're home or away and you just have to put your head down and plough on through. I'm just grateful that Mark has had this week off so we could get through it all together!

Here's just some of the craziness of the last four days, not all particularly exciting ... but that's real life!! 
  • Laundry - 7 loads
  • Preparing the veggie patch ... but not getting a chance to sow the seeds
  • Cleaning the winter dirt off the front porch
  • Making and decorating a 1st Birthday Cake
  • Finalising some bulk mailing
  • Food Shopping
  • Cleaning the house through
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Having our first water fight of the summer in the back garden
  • Wrapping a few hundred sets of cutlery in napkins for a friend's wedding
  • Soothing a teething 11 month old
  • School run & story time at the library
  • Unpacking from our trip - still 2 boxes left
  • Hoovered the car
  • Cooking yummy meals

It's 11pm and we only got back from the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner an hour ago ... Abigail's the Flowergirl and did a perfect job tonight!! Tomorrow is the wedding and Sunday is Naomi's first birthday for which we have a few people over. Then next weekend it's our churches missions weekend for which we're one of the two featured family's so a lot to prepare for that and on the Saturday morning is also our MOPS resale for which I have to go through ALL our baby stuff, clean/wash and price everything up for ... as well as quite a few other important things!!

Needless to say this week my emails have gone unanswered, my house looks like it's been hit by a tornado and I haven't caught up with friends on the phone since we got home ... I haven't even had a chance to update my Facebook status and it's looking to be more of the same for the coming week. Life is fun when it's full ... but I'm looking forward to it settling down just a little bit so I have time to 'smell the roses' too. Roll on next Sunday evening til I can take a breath ... only 9 more sleeps!! 

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