Monday, April 9

Baby Proof?

When you have a home with little people running around 24/7, you automatically have the small and breakable things high up, out of reach or at least out of the way of inquisitive fingers.

I remember when we were preparing for Abigail’s arrival, there were always baby-proofing sections in the books about parenthood. It’s not really something that we ever thought about too much until she was properly on the move and we just tweaked a few things here and there to make it work. Abigail was also pretty good with what she did and didn’t touch and has always been really gentle with things too.

With Naomi’s arrival there wasn’t really much extra we had to change, apart from moving some of Abigail’s smaller toys out of harms way ... for both the toys sake and Naomi’s! I wouldn’t say we were too safety conscious, just sensible. It came as a surprise to me then, since travelling down to Florida and living somewhere different for a few weeks, just how baby proof our ‘home home’ (as Abigail calls it!) actually is!

Whether it’s because Naomi is a lot more mobile several months earlier than Abigail was or that she’s just a lot more inquisitive but she’s in to EVERYTHING ... much more than her sister was! Naomi was opening all the drawers and cupboards in the hotels we stayed in on our journey down. They were all lovely easy slide ones! We found ourselves strategically wedging suitcases around the rooms to block access!

Once we got into our new ‘home away from home’, for these few weeks while Mark’s working at MFI, it only took a few days before Naomi discovered which cupboards and drawers she could access! She works out more and more ways to get around things as each day goes by. 

Every morning I strategically place chairs blocking her way to specific places. There is one particular cupboard however that she knows she has all access to and so visits it multiple times a day. Her favourite treasure, which she gets excited about every time, is the small saucepan ... always collected with the biggest grin! I’m letting her have all the ‘fun’ she wants for now ... she just has one more week of discoveries before we return home, to what I now know is a much ‘tighter ship’!

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