Monday, April 2

Disney Princesses

I have to admit I have always been a bit cynical about Disney Princesses. After all they seem to have taken over everything. Pyjamas, backpacks, umbrellas, dolls, sunglasses, cups, plates ... the list goes on. If you can buy it, there is probably a Disney Princess version of it, which also costs more! Until you have little girls you may not notice they really are slowly taking over the world!

Abigail loves all kinds of things, including Disney Princesses. Jessie is her favourite Toy Story character but there is a very limited amount of girlie Toy Story things out there ... it’s always the Buzz Lightyear or Woody ‘boy’ alternative to the girlie Disney Princess option. Last year when she started wearing pull-ups, she was actually disappointed when she had to have the Princess ones and not the Toy Story ones! So the Princesses have started their takeover of our house too! Oh Disney, what are you thinking?

This weekend I officially scored a hat-trick when it comes to Disney. I am not sure whether I am proud or embarrassed by the fact that I have now been to three of the Worlds Disney Parks. Paris, Los Angeles and now Florida! (There are still a few more out there for me to conquer!) Not only that but I visited all three as an adult. This weekend was actually the first time I’ve gone with children. Yes, I am a big kid and it was a totally different experience. Whereas my previous trips had been all about the rides or Mickey Mouse or even the Winnie the Pooh characters ... this time it was definitely all about the Princesses!

From the minute we told Abigail where we were going on Saturday morning, she was all about Cinderella and Rapunzel, her favourites. They were definitely our priority. The excitement in her face and the bounce in her feet was adorable when she saw them and to be honest, brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion during the day. Yes, I am soppy but her face was so full of emotion that it was difficult not to react as her mummy!

Seeing the princesses through a three year olds eyes has changed my opinion of them ... even if they are totally over-marketed! Amongst other things during our time in the Magic Kingdom, Abigail got to meet, hug and chat to, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel and later on in the day she got to dance with and high-five Jessie ... so it seems that some dreams really do come true!

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