Wednesday, April 25


In April 1982, I was a flower girl for my cousin when she got married. I wasn't quite 5 years old and only have vague recollections of what happened that day and a few very dodgy looking photos ... how fashions change! Last weekend, almost exactly thirty years later, Abigail was a flower girl for some good friends of ours here in the States. I guess it's almost like an unofficial rite of passage for little girls!

Having been a little cranky in the week leading up to the wedding, understandable having just got back from almost a month away and settling back into 'normal' life again, I was a little apprehensive as to how the day would pan out. I needn't have been worried, Abigail was a total superstar. 

From the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before, to getting ready with the female half of the wedding party, to the photos before the ceremony, walking down the aisle on her own sprinkling petals, handing out bubbles to the guests and enjoying the reception ... she just kept going and was on her best behaviour, doing everything that she needed to with a smile on her face. It was a lot for a 3 1/2 year old but she took it all in her stride and made me SO proud.

One part of the day which made me completely burst with pride (and almost had me in tears) was when she walked down the aisle just before the bride. She was due to walk with the ring bearer but he didn't 'play ball' for the rehearsal or photos. In the actual ceremony he was standing with her at the end of the aisle ready to go and then had a total meltdown. It didn't phase Abigail though, she just walked down as she'd practised and took her spot with the other bridesmaids at the front. If that's how I felt when she was a flowergirl, I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when she walks down the aisle as the bride!

It was a lovely day and we felt honoured that we know some people well enough now out here, that we feel like family and Abigail could be part their wedding party. Just think when we arrived here in September 2009, we didn't know anyone! It will be good to remember that next time we move (the joy of a missionary lifestyle), that while we won't know people to begin with and will be far from family ... it really won't be long before we find more good friends again.

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