Saturday, April 28

A Little Sentimental

Tomorrow morning the MOPS group that I have been part of since we've lived here is having a 'resale' event. I've shared about MOPS before on our family blog, it's been a great opportunity to get to know other mum's and when we first arrived a good way to get know the local area too with recommendations of what to do and where to go with little munchkins.

While I have happily 'shopped' at previous Resales, as the clock is officially ticking on our time here in America, this time round I signed up to be a seller too. While I've learnt from experience never to to say never to God, we definitely feel it is unlikely that our family will get any bigger for the time being. With another international move for our family within the next year, it makes no sense to hold on to all our baby bits and pieces but to sell them on where they can be of use to someone else.

Needless to say that I've been getting a little sentimental this week. By putting it all out to sell, it feels like we're closing a door on the baby season in our family. Sorting through all of the clothes that both our girls wore as newborns ... up to the age of one and all of the memories that are attached to them. Toys, towels, cot mobiles, baby baths and so much more, each with their own stories to tell. One large item we're selling is the beautiful moses basket that both Abigail and then Naomi slept in, in our bedroom for the first few months of their lives. 

In many ways it is really sad to say goodbye to it all and in others a relief to offload things that would just be sitting in storage and not being used at all and getting some cash instead. When I had laid it all out on the tables to sell today it was scary just how much stuff we've accumulated over the last few years and that has been with us trying to be 'careful' too. If we hadn't been living on a reduced missionary budget I dread to think how much more we would have in our house and we really wouldn't have needed it either!

Even though the resale doesn't start until tomorrow morning, I've already had a call this evening from someone interested in the moses basket ... it seems they are a much more expensive and rare commodity out here than they are in the UK. Even if I were to sell just that we will have made back the price of our spot at the resale twenty times over!! So it's looking like it will be a success before it's even started!

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