Tuesday, April 24

First Birthday

Yesterday my youngest munchkin celebrated her first birthday. Such a big milestone and yet I'm sure none of us actually remember our own!

So many important things happen in that first year ... learning to drink, smile, eat, wave, sit, walk and in Naomi's case climb the four steps up onto our little slide!!! ... to name just a few. It's amazing, when you actually stop and think about it, how one little person can learn it all and just take it in their stride, as well as developing their own characters at the same time.

We didn't 'party hard' to celebrate but as this will probably be the only birthday of her whole life that Naomi will live in the same town as both her godmothers we had them and their families around to mark the occasion. Naomi was quite quiet and reserved for the few hours they were here and within minutes of them leaving turned into a complete goofball which is definitely much truer to character and was really amusing to watch.

Happy Birthday Little One ... can't wait to see all the things you will accomplish in the coming year!

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