Tuesday, February 14

Home Sweet Home

Hooray! My hubby and best friend came home safe and sound yesterday after almost three and a half weeks away on Rapid Response in PNG. As I wrote in December in 'My Gentle Giant', me and Mark haven't spent more than a few days apart since we first met in September 2005, so this was HUGE for us.

Although we've had lots of fun at home, especially as my sister has been here from England to enjoy some girlie time, I was so excited to have Mark back. I didn't show it by jumping up and down quite like Abigail though, when she realised that the last link in her paper chain had gone and Daddy was coming home!

I didn't realise that I hadn't relaxed properly the whole time Mark was away until he got back and I let out a deep breath and let the tension all out, knowing that he was back home safely! It felt like both of us had 'come home' when we were reunited, not just Mark and that wherever we are, together, that's where home is. (Yes, yes, total cheese!)

When I was younger I was quite a home body and didn't choose to spend much time away from home. It even affected my choice of degree course as although I would have loved to have studied a language I didn't want to live in another country where they speak a different language and have a different culture. Now God is proving to have a very big sense of humour as that's all I want to do!

Since then I've lived and travelled all over the place, within many different cultures and haven't felt in the least bit home sick, enjoying all the new experiences. In fact the only time I've truly felt like I was away from home has been these last few weeks when Mark wasn't here ... because I was away from him!

I'm enjoying listening to all his experiences although find it weird to think that for the first time since we met we haven't had the chance to share them. I'm really proud of all he was able to do and that he has the expertise to help ... but even more I'm so glad he's back home where he belongs!

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