Thursday, February 9


While we've been here at MMS Aviation a group started up for the Apprentice Wives, of which I am one. It is led by a couple of the staff wives and the vision was that it would help prepare those of us whose husbands are training, for what our future ministries might bring as well.

It started at the beginning of 2010 and at the time there were two leaders and I was one of only two apprentice wives here. The vision was clear for the group but how that worked itself out practically was yet to be seen. Now there are three leaders (one of the originals and two others) and six wives, three of whom have come through MAF UK just like us! The photo below was taken last summer at one of our meetings with a selection of us who were there that night.

We meet all together twice a month. Sometimes we listen to speakers usually with experience on the mission field (all of the MMS staff wives have shared with us at some point). Sometimes we do a study and we're all getting the chance to lead and host a session at some point too.

It is a unique group amongst missions and it can be helpful to get together as although we're all coming and going (the joys of transition!) and at various stages in our time at MMS we all have different experiences and backgrounds to share and can learn loads from each other. The group itself will continue to evolve as the members change too which is quite an exciting prospect!

This week was a little different, we talked about 'Blessings' ... which we can be to each other in the group as our friendships grow. We looked at several celtic blessings and talked about the different styles and how diverse they can be and then had a chance to write our own. It was helpful to think about who we were writing for to focus a little bit, so I chose to write one for my girlies.

May the God of wisdom, guide and direct you.
The God of peace, comfort and calm you.
The God of love, encourage and nurture you.
The God of today, walk with you now ... and into your tomorrows.

The apprentice wife who led the session also wrote a blessing for us as a group which I totally loved and will leave you with.

May God who brought us together
Send us out by his spirit.
May we walk in the sound of his voice,
Even when we are far apart.
May we enjoy Godly laughter
Wherever we go;
And may Jesus who walked this earth before us
Enjoy the joke with us,
For He created laughter
To be good for our bones.

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