Tuesday, February 21

In the Blink of an Eye

This weekend I've been sorting through little girls clothes ... again! It seems that no sooner one of them fits a new size the other is growing out of their old one and I find myself shuffling round the piles of clothes, into and out of boxes once more.

At birth they were both in the 90+ percentiles height wise. In fact, at Abigail's 6 week check, the midwife measured her and then looked at me quizzically asking 'Is her Father tall?'. I laughed knowingly and said 'Yes' to which she let out a great sigh of relief and replied 'Oh! That's alright then!' Thanks to their daddy both girls are at least a step ahead of the game size-wise, so I'm never quite sure where we are!

Luckily for us we've had two little girls and kept almost everything that Abigail had, knowing that second time round as missionaries, our budget was going to be a lot tighter. As Abigail wasn't too messy, Naomi had a ready-made wardrobe waiting for her and we've only have to tweak it with a few little bits here and there.

The photo below was taken on the front porch of our house, just before we moved in on October 1st 2009 ... with a very little Abigail who had only just turned one, a couple of weeks earlier.

Naomi was wearing exactly the same outfit today! She is not quite 10 months old and the trousers are already looking a little short. I definitely think that in the height department, she will catch up with her sister and possibly over take her as they grow up!

Putting out all Abigail's old clothes or should I say Naomi's 'new' ones on the shelves brought back so many memories. Not only of all the goofy faces and things Abigail got up to when wearing them but also all that we as a family were experiencing too. We had just left the UK, not due to return permanently for at least another 11 years and were having fun experiencing all the new weird and wonderful things that small town America had to offer.

It's strange to think that so much has happened since then, we are very settled into our lives and the community here. As Naomi grows out of these same clothes we will have come to the end of our time in Ohio and once again be beginning to pack our bags for the next adventure. Where has the time gone?

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