Tuesday, February 7


While Mark has been away on 'Rapid Response' my sister, Pippa, has travelled out from England and has been helping with the practical side of having two little munchkins in the house and only one pair of hands ... and keeping me company. A definite lifesaver as I think I may have gone a little crazy left to my own devices for the whole time Mark was away!

Towards the end of last year Pippa got two gorgeous little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which she is missing loads while she is here. They are very good but still very much in the training stage much like little children! After the first week here and feeling quite shattered with the girlies, Pippa made a comment that I won't forget in a hurry ... and I quote 'Whoever said having puppies was just like having children was totally wrong'!!

I guess until you have kids and the 24/7 responsibility hits you with NO breaks, you don't really appreciate the implications. I know until I had Abigail I certainly didn't!! As tough as it can be sometimes I wouldn't change being a mum for anything ... but Pippa is certainly not in any hurry to have kids of her own after a few weeks here with us either!

Ordinarily I only have a second pair of hands at the weekend, so I've been thoroughly spoiled while Mark is away and I know I will miss her loads when she goes back to the UK ... there is still over a week to go through! Hooray! She has learnt our little routines and is now often a step ahead of the game ... invaluable!

A couple of weeks ago Abigail was giving Naomi a big cuddle and saying 'I love my Naomi, she's my best friend'. That made me totally melt with pride ... my hope and prayer is that in the years to come she will still be able to say the same! And maybe one day Abigail will be able to go and help Naomi out, just like Pippa has done for me!

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  1. cheers Jen I have just read this and I am bubbling. I know that Pip loves you so much and is proud to call you her sister and loves the girls to bits