Friday, August 2

The Little Things

This week we had our first family holiday and break away from Dodoma since moving to Tanzania six months ago. We went on safari to Mikumi National Park, it was so much fun!

I have had the privilege of going on safari many times before, one of the advantages of living in Africa on more than one occasion. So, although the idea of this kind of holiday isn't novel, new or once in a lifetime to me (how lucky am I?), I decided to look for the little things that made our time extra special ...

  • Getting away from what has been a crazy stressful month
  • Watching the girls faces light-up when they saw all the different animals.
  • Getting to see two of the big cats ... a lifelong dream of my hubby
  • No computers and limited internet all week
  • Learning new Swahili words
  • Great food, no cooking and no washing up
  • Even though there were loads of amazing animals and I'm not a bird person, I discovered a beautiful new (to me) bird that is my favourite colours ... the lilac-breasted roller

One of my favourite things about this week though was coming home. Does that sound silly? As it was the first time we'd been away, it was also the first time that we've come back to this house as our home. And it really feels like home now, because it is full of our belongings. 

Do you know that 'aaaaahhhhh' moment? When after a long journey you arrive home, put down your bags, put the kettle on, sit on the sofa surrounded by everything that is familiar and at the end of the day climb into your own comfy bed? As nice as the holiday has been, it is even nicer to be home? That is how it felt today!

I guess it is another sign that we're getting settled here ... and it feels really good! 

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