Friday, August 16

Munchkin In Tow

So, tomorrow marks six months since we arrived here in Dodoma. Crazy but true. In some ways the time has flown by (we're still waiting for a car and permanent visas!) but in others it really feels like we've been here a lot longer!

Before we even arrived in Tanzania, I made my family a promise. One that expires tomorrow. I promised that I wouldn't get involved in anything until we'd been here for six months. I made that promise for many reasons but the main one was to ensure that the family were properly settled first. A happy family is more likely to last the distance on the mission field and our commitment to MAF is a long one!

Of course, there have been the necessary MAF roles which I have taken on. Hospitality and a couple of admin roles. Over the last month or so, it has been necessary to take on a few more roles due to the absence of most of the other MAF wives for one reason or another. Let me tell you, with the container arriving, Abigail being off school for the holidays and all these other roles being landed in my lap, life has been more than hectic. I haven't even had the time to think of agreeing to anything else!

One thing that I have found slightly strange about being in Dodoma, the second time round has been not being a part of the school. It was my whole life when I was last here! With Naomi still being at home with me for another year and me choosing to put her first, I am limited as to what I can agree to do anywhere, but especially at the school.

After some thought over the school break, I realised one area of the school that was lacking was their website. I was really excited to find that they had one initially. But it had only 2 photos, cut off sentences, differing fonts in the same paragraph and actually wasn't all that helpful or pleasing on the eye!

So, here I am, earlier this week ... 

... taking photos at the school to update and hopefully improve the website. Something I can mostly do from home but still be a lot of use to the school. Something I can do with a munchkin in tow!

You can find the CAMS site here ( For reasons I won't bore you with, some of the main changes will take a while. But in the meantime I have tweaked a lot of little things and added a whole heap of photos. (Let me know what you think and anything I can improve on!)

Web design has been something I've wanted to get into for a while now, so it is a learning process for me as well as a helpful project for the school. One I am really enjoying.

Who knows what else I will get involved in out here after my promise expires tomorrow?!

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