Friday, August 9

Photo Memories

Yesterday I was unpacking some more bits and pieces. There are only boxes with bits and pieces left now ... so it's becoming a much slower and sometimes very frustrating process!

What I stumbled across yesterday though, were some old photos of when I used to live and work here in Dodoma, as a single girlie with no hubby or munchkins! It was fun to flick through them and see places and some people that are once again becoming part of my daily life!

Today I was showing my House Mama some photos I'd taken of her and her family from back then. She was really interested to see them and pleased to find that I still had them and that they were special to me.

A bit more rummaging and I found a selection of photos that I was really interested to see. Those that were taken on the evening of my twenty-third birthday (see below).

Why you ask, were these particular photos of interest to me? After I'd moved back here with my family, certain things became more and more familiar to me ... including our house. 

After a couple of emails backwards and forwards to friends who used to live here with me before, I realised that I actually now live in the very house that I celebrated my twenty-third birthday in. So, the photos above were taken in my current living room all those years ago!! It all looks a lot different now! 

If you'd told me back then that I would be living in that same house thirteen years later with a MAF husband and two daughters, I probably would have laughed very hard. I have often found that God has a sense of humour though ... so he was probably laughing back then knowing what was to come!

Today we have got some of the current teachers coming round for dinner. Who knows if any of them will come back in thirteen years time and make this house their home too!!

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