Monday, August 5

First Day Nerves

Today marked an important milestone in our house. 

While Abigail has been at pre-school both in the States and here in Tanzania. Today was her first day in Standard One or as she calls it 'BIG school'! Not just a couple of hours or half a day but a full long day like a proper big girl! It was a big deal for her ... and the rest of us!

Time just flies and my little girl is now big enough for school. I know I'm not the first mummy to both think that and be surprised by it ... and I most definitely won't be the last. This morning she had a bit of a wobble before we left home but then she was totally fine. Thankfully she loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

One thing that was different today about school was that Abigail needed to take more than just a little snack but a packed lunch as well. For some reason the weight of responsibility to prepare that on this first day felt bigger than it should have been for me but just like Abigail, my first day 'nerves' at what I had to do soon passed too ... now it will just be a matter of routine!

I even made sure that when she opened her food bag there was a little note from us all. Mummy Award of the year to me!

Today was the beginning of a new phase for us. For Abigail, yes. But for the rest of the family too. We now have all our belongings here and a 'new normal' routine will kick in for all four of us for the next academic year. I'm still not quite sure what that will mean for me and Naomi yet but it's shaping up to be pretty busy!

After five weeks at home, Naomi told me mid-morning 'I miss my Abigail'. Lunch was a little strange too as up until now it has been all four of us. But the main thing is my not-so-little girl is loving being all-grown-up and those first day nerves are long forgotten already!

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