Monday, August 19

Over and Over Again

The newest book in our family collection arrived a couple of weeks ago. We all get excited over a new book whoever it's for! This one was for the munchkins. 

It's called 'A Royal Fairytale' and it is a Will and Kate romance complete with the introduction of their newest arrival! It was not a story that we were unfamiliar with. Not only because it's been all over the news, which it has (and we've heard it living on different continents) but also because we'd already read it.

The book is a spin-off from the Ink Robin Book App. Originally, 'A Royal Fairytale' told the story of Will and Kate falling in love and getting married and was their first book app. Ink Robin updated it on the imminent arrival of the newest member of the royal family. 

We have had the app for a long time ... and all their other ones too. The girls love them. They know all the bits to press, where all the fun stuff happens, when to interact and when to listen to the story. They loved getting the book and were quick to tell me what was different or new. To be honest, Naomi was a little disappointed that when she pressed the pages nothing happened! At two years old she wasn't quite clear as to where the ipad version ended and the hardcopy began ... that just amused me all the more!

What made us get into them in the first place? Well, we originally got our ipad because we didn't want to get left behind, so to speak, when we moved to deepest darkest Africa as missionaries! The world is moving forward so quickly we didn't want the girls to be at a disadvantage later on. Then our eyes were opened to a wealth of educational apps for the girls which they LOVE!

Why Ink Robin? Some of our favourite people are the brains behind it! And no, this is not a shameless plug because we know them. It is a shameless plug because we're so proud of them ... and because the girls can't get enough of their books, they just read them over and over and over again! I really can't recommend them enough! 

The only downside ... we only have one ipad and sometimes with two children and four eager hands, one is not enough!

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