Friday, January 11


Happy New Year ... belatedly I'll admit ... but just as heartfelt nonetheless!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit all over the place ... so firstly apologies for the lack of posts without any warning and secondly thank you to all of you who have been checking anyway just in case, I really appreciate your interest in 'The Missionary Mum'!

Flexibility is something that time and again, missionaries have shared is one the most important character traits to survive the lifestyle and different cultures ... I think that it definitely applies to being a mum too. I'm not sure if I've been given a double portion or not? There are definitely times when being flexible is easy and straight forward and other times when it is a real effort ... but most of the time it's worth it!

Life with munchkins this week has required flexibility. With one throwing up one evening, equaling a night on the sofa for me, then two days later the other following suit and me going down with it today. The cranky pants behaviour that goes along with that and just being out of the normal routine of life surrounded by the unfamiliar.

Then there has been, the keeping up with supporters and important emails. The filling out paperwork for all kinds of different things. Organising our schedule for this time in the UK. Looking ahead to life in Tanzania and making sure we're all prepared and ready. As well as bed hopping, 6 beds in 3 weeks.

This blog requires flexibility too. Last week we had no internet, so I couldn't blog. I packed my recipe book in the container, so I haven't been able to include any new ones recently. The guest bloggers I'd lined up have had various important reasons why they weren't able to write last month, so we missed one. If blogger doesn't want to upload a photo, then there's just no photo!

Like with everything else ... when things don't work out or don't get done as planned, I've found that either I can get frustrated and stressed about it or I can take it in my stride, learn from it and move on. As I said before, that's often easier said than done. 

If the whole family is sick, however much we want to see people, it's just not going to happen! If I make decisions that I decide in hindsight are wrong, I often can't reverse them so there's no reason to rehash and rehash them but just move forward and make better decisions in the future. If I get behind with something, then I just set aside time when I can concentrate and catch up. If, as a family, we're living out of suitcases and moving around regularly then we have to except that things aren't going to be 'just right' all the time!

Flexibility is the key ... and is something we're learning from day-to-day, especially not living in a home of our own right now. Hopefully, as a family we're getting it right some of the time ... and helping the girls learn that it's a trait to embrace and roll-with as they grow up too!

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