Thursday, January 24

The MAF Office

Before we were living in Ohio at MMS Aviation, while we were there and when we are out in Tanzania ... there is always a whole load of people working away in the MAF UK offices in Kent, making all the details for us, our supporters, other overseas staff, families in the application process and a million other bit and pieces, fall into place.

Some of them we have been in touch with since the beginning, others we only know by name ... some we've been emailing back and forth with over the last year or so but have never met face to face. Each one of them though are really important to us and the work that MAF gets to do throughout the world but often (not always) because they aren't the faces of the actual pilots or engineers out on the mission field with MAF, almost get overlooked. Without them and their support we wouldn't be able to be doing what we're doing or be able to serve the ministry of MAF overseas.

Yesterday, as a family, we got to visit the MAF UK offices. They are relatively near where we are based right now, so it wasn't a huge undertaking to be able to do that and yet so helpful for both us and them to become more than just a face on a prayer card or an email address. We were able to catch up with some of the staff we have got to know well, get a few questions answered face-to-face rather than with a half a dozen emails going back and forth, meet some new people and give a presentation to all the staff, updating them on where we are on our MAF journey. 

It was also a really good opportunity to give feedback on our first stage with MAF and talk through some of the details of what is to come with people who know and understand the processes that we're going through and are working hard to make them as straight forward as possible for us. 

Being the admin half of our family, I have more likely been the one emailing backwards and forwards with them all at the office and I enjoyed being able to talk through some of the things we've been corresponding about and thanking the individuals personally for all they do on a regular basis on our behalf. They really are a bunch of superstars, so if you work in the MAF UK office and I didn't get a chance to say hello and thank you in person for whatever reason yesterday, we really do appreciate all you do for us! 

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