Thursday, January 17

Down Time

You may (or may not!) have picked up from my recent posts just how crazy life is for us right now. Getting 'down time' as individuals or as a family is something that we're trying to prioritise, to refresh us for when it is all a bit more full-on!

A few weeks ago Mark's parents looked after the girls so we could go shopping. Proper shopping. Not the spending loads of money kind. The browsing in bookstores, taking time over a meal, walking along hand-in-hand kind. The kind you don't always get to do when there are little munchkins around!

Yesterday, my mum looked after the girls so that we could go and see 'Les Miserables' ... absolutely amazing and totally worth it, if you're considering it. (Although it was an emotional roller coaster which left me with a bit of a stress headache afterwards, I'm embarrassed to admit!!)

It has been really nice to be with the grandparents while we're in the UK and have the opportunity to do these things and get a little time to ourselves. Something that we miss out on while we're overseas and cherish here. I know they cherish it too, to get quality time with the munchkins ... the only grandchildren on both sides of the family!

Today though, we made time for some fun as a family, no speaking engagements, no catching up, no agendas! We went into London, along with my sister and were total tourists. The train ride itself was exciting enough for Abigail, having lived nowhere near any public transport for the majority of her life ... so it just kept keeping better from there in her eyes!

In amongst everything that is going on right now, days like today are not only important but necessary. To maintain a sense of fun amongst all our engagements isn't something we should feel bad about, it will equip and refresh us as a family to fulfil all our commitments better. If you're from a missionary family and are ever on home assignment with your family, even though everyone will want a piece of you, remember to prioritise some 'down time' too!

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