Friday, January 25

Day Dreaming

Dinner tonight was yummy IKEA meatballs ... if you haven't tried them, you're missing out! 

This afternoon after some MAF training we took a quick family trip to IKEA ... somewhere we haven't been for quite a few years. The nearest one to where we lived in Ohio was about 100 miles away and when we have been in the UK we have been too busy to fit it in.

Understandably, when we're travelling backwards and forwards with just suitcases, IKEA goods are a little impractical for us to transport. Another good reason not to go shopping there ... but it didn't stop us picking up the odd thing or two!

Today, at a time when we're living out of suitcases in several different locations with no time, space and routine ... and dreaming of getting into a home of our own again ... I walked around the store wishing for all the things we're not going to have for quite some time.

In the space of the hour we were there, I had visualised how I would decorate several rooms in a house we don't own, if we were living in the UK on a salary and not on faith support. In that time ... I also went through the thought processes of where we would live and settle if we ended up here after our commitment to MAF is done. It's funny how quickly the brain can process all that stuff!!

I love making a house a home ... and have enjoyed doing it in rented properties, which I've had to do ever since we've been married. But one of my  personal sacrifices of the missionary lifestyle is not having my own home that I can completely change, restyle and redecorate how I want, rather than just embellish it ... and today indulged my imagination a little bit more than normal!!

I wouldn't change what we are doing as a family for anything but a trip round IKEA is one of those occasions when the thought 'what are we doing?' does flash through my head ... only for minute!


  1. can't wait to have you and your family here in Dodoma.. God is going to fufill Ephesians 3:20 through you and your family.

    1. The Missionary Mum26 January 2013 at 00:45

      Thank you! We're looking forward to it too ... only 22 more sleeps in the UK ... and counting!!