Tuesday, January 22

Snow Days

The last few days have been really snowy here in the UK. Having lived through three very snowy winters in Ohio, where life goes on regardless ... it's been really fun and amusing to watch the mass panic that has been going on in England!!

As our schedule is reasonably flexible it hasn't affected us too much and we've been able to adjust to fit around the snow ... and very much enjoyed the fun that has ensued! Including making snowmen, snow angels, having snowball fights and sledging!

It's funny how different people or countries react to different situations. It's really not the end of the world if it snows, life goes on and in many countries around the world it functions perfectly normally with several feet of snow rather than the several inches we've seen here. My favourite article about the snow in Britain, is from News Thump, who describe it as weather-based terrorism to bring the country to a standstill!!

I was really disappointed when it seemed we'd missed out on this winter's snow having left Ohio just a week or so before it arrived there. What made it worse was when I realised that this will probably be the last winter for many years that we will be somewhere where we would have the chance to enjoy snowy weather at all! Eight years of living in more tropical climates can have it's drawbacks!!

Abigail has had a few winter's worth of experience in the snow now and has been really eager to introduce Naomi ... who wasn't old enough to appreciate it last year and just looks totally bemused when we're all goofing around in the snow now! While all Abigail seems to have been talking about recently is Africa and how she can't wait to get there, especially because it's 'cold' here ... she, like me, is loving every minute of the snow and can't understand why it's causing so many to get their 'knickers in such a twist'! 

I'm loving it ... maybe it's because it'll be the last time in a long time that we will get to experience it ... maybe it's because I'm just a big kid at heart ... but I'm certainly not disappointed when I hear Abigail praying for more when we say our prayers before bedtime!

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