Saturday, March 3

World Domination

Our little girlies were born thousands and thousands of miles apart. Abigail in the UK and Naomi was born here in America. As Naomi is first generation Brit, she has both an English and American passport. You'll be pleased to know she currently shows no preference and finds both equally yummy!

When we were preparing to move to the States with just Abigail, we knew we wanted at least one more child and that they would most likely be born during the three years we were living here. Mark noted that being born in the UK, Abigail could be Prime Minister one day and that being born in the USA, number 2 could be President. Basically, the Beckwith's could 'rule' the world! A scary thought some would argue!

Although possible, it's highly unlikely our daughters will ever go into politics, let alone run a country. Why? To be honest we're not into politics either. I may sound like a total political ignoramus now and I appreciate that there is a lot of good going on in many political forums but ... the main feedback I seem to hear is one leader stripping down another, making a personal attack in a public arena just to win a few more votes and spending (or wasting!) hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. Then, once someone has gained a position in parliament, they just seem to be get criticised for every decision they make and told if their opposition had won they would have done it 'properly'! Sounds like school-yard bullying for grown ups to me!

It has been interesting to live in the States during Obama's first term in office as President and now to watch the Republican race for a Presidential candidate. Voting is next week on 'Super Tuesday' here in Ohio, just for voting in the person who will challenge Obama before the actual vote for who should be president. A very different system from in the UK.

While we don't live in an ideal world (and I totally understand that!) surely it makes sense that once we've had the chance to vote, whether it be for who will run a country or just a small committee that we may be a part of and someone has been put in charge, then we should get behind them and support and encourage them in their role. Especially as a Christian, as long as the person in charge is not going against something morally wrong, we should set an example and submit to their authority. Instead, time and again I've seen Christians totally show disrespect and I want to cringe at how 'un-Christian' they come across as.

OK ... I will get off my soapbox now! Politics is not something I often talk about so you probably won't hear about it from me again ... I just think a little respect amongst politicians (and the rest of the world towards each other), wouldn't go amiss and then people like me might be a bit more interested in what they have to say!

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