Saturday, March 10

The Naughty Chair

We are big fans of Jo Frost, Supernanny. She puts commonsense into action when discipling the munchkins, showing just how effective it can be. 

Since coming to the States we have seen that she is an even bigger phenomenon here than in her homeland of the UK. So much so, that one of my friends here asked me if we had Supernanny in England. Really? She's British. Where do you think she started out?! I tried to keep a straight face when I pointed this out!!

When we had Abigail we bought one of Jo Frost's books, Confident Baby Care. It was really simple and helpful ... especially as we felt totally clueless about some things when Abigail was so tiny. I can't recommend it enough. We still have it now but haven't had to refer to it second time round. Yet!!!!

Discipline is something that every parent has to deal with. Interestingly, here in America is seems that smacking, paddling, the wooden spoon, belt, whatever you want to call it ... is more prevalent than in the UK. You're likely to get prosecuted for that in England nowadays! When you watch Jo Frost in action, you soon find out she's a great advocator of the Naughty Chair, something we use too.

Abigail isn't all that naughty but she's a toddler, what more can I say?! At the beginning using the Naughty Chair was a REAL battle that we thought would never end. Yet now it works a treat. In fact she doesn't have to sit on it all that often at all and the mere mention of it will quickly adjust her behaviour! So if you're considering it ... stick with it, it will work eventually.

More recently, now that Naomi is totally mobile I have come up with a new predicament. If I do put Abigail on the naughty chair and leave the room, Naomi makes a beeline for Abigail on the naughty chair and gives her a big cuddle ... seriously, every time! It is quite amusing but also a little frustrating too. I guess she's just looking out for her big sis, so now I'm going to have to start looking out for her!

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  1. Toby did the same. He would join Harvey in the naught step. Really hard not to laugh!!