Thursday, March 29

When in Rome ...

We broke up our big road trip last week, once just for sleep and once to be tourists for a few hours! That second stop was in Savannah, Georgia ... A beautiful southern town on a river. We decided to make the most of this stop, so booked to stay down town so we could walk around and experience some of the amazing architecture, town squares and just drink in the atmosphere for the afternoon. Abigail enjoyed this part of our newest adventure as a family.

We took the chance have a delicious meal in Huey's one of the gorgeous restaurants on River Street. I looked at the menu and saw some 'safe' options, things that were familiar and then looked at the more local dishes. I drank sweet tea, started with warm cornbread and then had grilled salmon on a bed of wilted spinach and Parmesan grits ... Definitely opting to try out something new!

The South is renowned for sweet iced tea, cornbread and grits, amongst other things ... so I figured if I were to order it in a restaurant anywhere, this would be the place! Having never had grits before, the waiter even brought me out a small bowl to try them before I ordered! The meal was delicious and I was too stuffed for dessert.

When I was younger I used to be quite a fussy eater! There were lots of things I wouldn't eat or didn't like ... Baked beans, pizza, cream are just a few I can think of off the top of my head! I didn't like to mix foods on my plate either. How times have changed! Now I am always up for new experiences and taste sensations ... The most authentic the better!

For example, when me and Mark were in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2006, we celebrated his birthday in Carnivore, a meat lovers heaven where you get to try different kinds of game meat. We got to eat crocodile, camel and ostrich ... Some were a lot more yummy than others!

About 10 years ago I got to travel to Vietnam where the delicacy is dog. Unfortunately the good dog meat restaurants were a little way out of one of the towns I was staying in with my friend. She was a lot less enthusiastic than me to try dog and so I regret to say it but I didn't get to visit one of those restaurants either. I am both sad and relieved about that, as I would definitely like to have said I had taken the opportunity but am still not sure how I would feel about eating a little pooch!

I hope that in spite of my very picky start with food, I have shown that I am now up for anything. I also hope that because as a family we have shown we are up for trying anything, our girls will also be open to do that too. So far, so good on that count!

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