Wednesday, March 7

First Day at School!

Yesterday we reached another big milestone in our house. Abigail started pre-school and was super excited about the whole experience!

I realise it is not the start (or even the middle!) of the school year and it's a very long and not very interesting story as to why Abigail's first day was yesterday ... but she was SO ready for it and so was I! It's only for a couple of hours twice a week and then three times a week from September but it's a good start!

When we dropped her off yesterday, she was gone ... too busy to even say goodbye to us and according to her teachers fitted in straight away and had a whale of a time! All afternoon she was telling me different things about her first day at school. They are working their way through the alphabet and are on the letter T this week. Even when she was brushing her teeth last night before bed, she was still full of it and explained very proudly that at one point her teacher put her on a special chair and told the other children that this was 'Abigail, their new friend'!

Some people had commented to me how it can be tougher on the mum's than on the little ones when it comes to the first day of school. I think I was even more excited than Abigail, if that was possible, to get a couple of hours 'off' twice a week and just have the littlest munchkin around! 

Does that make me a bad mummy? Absolutely not! I love both my girls and enjoy spending time with them but also haven't had a regular 'break' since Abigail was born. Now with two little ones in the house, it will seem like time off to just be looking after one who is a lot more transportable still and the little bit of extra headspace will probably make me a better mummy too!

Abigail is still talking all about school today and can't wait to go back tomorrow. I couldn't be happier that her first experience of pre-school has been so positive. When she starts Kindergarden we will be in a totally different country but I'm sure these first few steps of independence are helping her get prepared for that when the time comes! In the meantime, my only complaint is that the two hours with just me and Naomi went way too quickly!!

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